Punting in Cambridge

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to go punting. On be odd occasion it could have happened the weather was awful and even with a sister living in Cambridge for a few years it is something I never got around to doing. So obviously it went straight on my list when I was thinking of what I wanted to do. So last weekend (24th Sept 17) myself and my friend Tash had a day out in Cambridge, stopping on route for breakfast to go punting. It was perfect weather with the sun shining all day. Relaxing, fun and everything I thought it would be.

We ended the day with a lovely afternoon tea before heading home. See our day out here.

Another activity done!๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


Champagne Tasting -another activity ticked off!

Last weekend myself and my friend Laura (yep she has the best name) took off on a road trip to Reims, North France, to complete one of my life is for living list activity… champagne tasting.

We certainly had a jam packed 4 days involving lots of food, car karoke, biking around vineyards, touring champagne houses, a night out, a trip the beach and of coutse trying lots of yummy champagne. It was awesome from start to finish and such a fun few days.

Watch the video to see our weekend adventures here.

Thanks to Laura for suggesting it and making it amazing!

Busy Busy!

Sooooooo the next few weeks I may be filling up your news feed a lot more which is all rather exciting….!

More blogs mean more activities getting completed which means I am beginning to live life to the full! Now treatment is stable and no more operations are needed yet I am making the most of the next few months and I shall not feel in a way guilty for enjoying myself ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

So what’s up next… well that may be telling you too much but to let you in to a small secret I have a few abroad Trips going ahead over the next few months (yes I did say a few) and each one ticks off at least 1 or more of my list activities so check out my page here again to see what I may be getting up to.

And I have just booked to see one of the shows on the list too next year in London which is very exciting. Oh how I love getting things in the diary and seeing a plan come together. I still have 2 spaces on my list to fill so ideas are most welcome.

So fasten up your seatbelts, get ready to come on my another adventure with me in a few days.

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Activity 37 – Spend a few nights on a yacht

One of my list activities was to spend a few nights on a sailing yacht which I have just completed with the help from my Uncle and Aunt who own a sailing yacht and invited us out to stay with them on their trip in Croatia. It was an amazing week seeing some beautiful bays, eating at yummy restaurants and seeing the stars. With my 3 cousins with us (all aged 3 and under) it was not the most relaxing trip ever but it was such fun. Most days we sat in the sunshine, swam in jewel coloured waters and I even managed to sail a small dinghy again and paddle board which I loved.

Here is a small video I have created to show you some of it.

Click here to watch video

Time to get on with it!

Sorry I have been a bit quite in here but I have had another operation and I am now almost fully recovered from the final part of my reconstruction. So I now need to get on with ticking things off my list. Still lots to do. Next week I shall be spending a week on my uncle’s boat which will get another thing ticked off and I have champagne tasting in reim, trip to rome, riding a gondola in Venice and my Maldives holiday to look forward over the next few months. So very excited and I shall be sure to update you all on how I get on. ๐Ÿ˜

Royal Ascot Ladies Day๐ŸŽ

So yesterday myself, my friend Emily and 3 of her friends helped me tick another thing  off my list, attending ladies day at Royal Ascot. 

The fun began when I arrived at Emily’s Wednesday evening where we had dinner and a glass of wine before I was attempting to fake tan Emily and sort out the hampers for the following morning. 

Waking up to sunshine Thursday morning was fab and we got excitedly ready. Finally after a rushed job at putting fake eyelashes on my non existent ones we got the taxi to the train station. 

We met the other girls in route to ascot and finally made it there by midday. It was the most glamerous train I have ever seen with dresses and hats of all colours filling up the carriage. 

Once in we set up camp on the grass with our picnic rugs and plenty of food and prosecco. We had a few bets on the horses winning a few times with the winnings being spent on more bets but still managing to come away ยฃ15 up. 

Such a fun day and lovely spending the time with this gorgeous girlies.

Watch our day out and see what we got up to by following this link – โ˜†โ˜†Royal Ascot 2017โ˜†โ˜†

A little about me!

Hi, I am Laura and at 28 I should be out and about enjoying life, having babies, getting married and buying a home. And yet I am sat at home in my PJโ€™s with my laptop on my lap and a cup of tea to hand writing this new blog I decided to do.

So who am Iโ€ฆ. well as mentioned I am 28 years old and I live in Norfolk with Brad, my 7 year long boyfriend, and for the past 3 years I have been travelling on a roller coaster of a journey after getting an aggressive breast cancer diagnoses at the age of only 25 back in February 2014.ย Since then I have been through the millโ€ฆ chemotherapy, losing my hair, mastectomy to my left breast, radiotherapy, hormonal treatment, reconstruction operations including choosing to have my good breast taken off too and writing all about it in my original (and ongoing) blog which can be read here. Bald, Boobless and Beautiful.

Unfortunately after only a year off treatment and getting normality back I was re-diagnosed with cancer in October 2016 when I discovered the cancer had spread into my bones on discovering a large tumour in my humerus head or my right shoulder, therefore back to more surgery (shoulder reconstruction) which I had in November and now I am on more chemotherapy with an outlook of constant treatment now ongoing for the rest of my life. I have also realised life is now extremely precious and mine may be shortened quite a lot from my original plan so I have decided ever day counts. I canโ€™t do much whilst I am undergoing chemotherapy (it makes me so ill and tired) but the plan is come April/May time I can begin to enjoy life. So I have come up with the idea to have a Lauras Life is for Living List to occupy my time and give me plenty of things to look forward to and plan.

And hopefully along the way it will encourage and inspire all you you to also life life to the full and do the things you have always wanted to do.

So to follow me on this journey please follow this page, spread with you friends and input where necessary (suggestions of nice things to do) and generally enjoy seeing me live my life any which way I can.

Thanks for reading this

Laura x


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Another task completed!

So one if my life is for living list tasks was to read the weather on TV. Someone suggested it so I thought why not stick it on the list and see if anything comes of it. Thinking it will be one of the harder ones to complete I hadn’t thought much about it until yesterday…. the local Mustard TV and Brad had been plotting together to get me into the studio to read their weather. And it went out yesterday evening. It was fun to do and means another task is ticked off my list.
Here is my weather report… https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1453243138072612&id=425462824183987
Thanks Mustard TV for my suprise.  

Full Activity List!

I had previously put together a list of my first 25 tasks but here is an updated and bigger list of things to do and see with a couple I have already completed which are shown in green.

I would like to get to 50 activities therefore I need a few more suggestions. 2Also if you wish to do something with me or can help me achieve one of my activities please do let me know. Send me a message with the activity number you can help with or want to attend. I am looking at getting somethings booked in soonish.

The List!

  1. Afternoon Tea at Claridges
  2. Ride on the Orient Express
  3. Walk the Alpacas in North Norfolkโœ”
  4. Fly somewhere Business Class
  5. Get a Puppy โœ”
  6. Go to an Opera at the Royal Opera House
  7. See Strictly on Tour โœ”
  8. Punting in Cambridgeโœ”
  9. Visit Cornwall
  10. Have drinks in the Shard in a cocktail dress
  11. Day out at Ladies Day at Ascotโœ”
  12. Go Whale Watching
  13. Indoor Skydiving
  14. Hold a 30th Birthday Party (April 2018)
  15. See Cirque Du Soleil
  16. See Lord of the Dance show
  17. Take a trip to the Maldives with Brad (organised for Oct 2017)
  18. Ride a Gondola in Veniceโœ”
  19. Visit friends dad’s Italian flat.
  20. Create a random pop video with friends
  21. Have a horse riding lesson
  22. Visit Barcelona
  23. Go Husky Sledging
  24. Have a weekend in Brighton to visit the Pavilion
  25. Present the weather on TV โœ”
  26. Help with Lambing
  27. Go Champagne Tasting in France โœ”
  28. Visit New York and ice skate at the rockefella
  29. Watch a Rugby Game at Twickenham
  30. Have a girls weekend at Center Parcs
  31. Hold a Cheese and Wine night
  32. Stay in an Igloo hotel
  33. Have a night out at Monaco Casino
  34. Attend a Silent Disco
  35. Have a pampering weekend at Chewton Glen
  36. Go Skiing
  37. Spend a few nights on a sailing yachtโœ”
  38. Go to Chelsea Flower Show
  39. Fly in Debbie’s small plane
  40. Go for drinks at the top of the Eiffel Tower
  41. Visit Amsterdam
  42. Visit Disney Land Paris
  43. Fly in a Helicopter
  44. Go on a cruise
  45. Hot air balloon ride
  46. Go on game show
  47. Narrow boat
  48. Visit Rome โœ”
  49. ?
  50. ?

I am hoping I can complete most of these over the next 2 years so I need to get booking things in.

Activities in purple are to be completed

Activities in Green with a tick have been done.

Laura x