The List

I have been talking with people, researching things to do and thinking what I really want to do with my life now I have incurable cancer and the main thing  I want to do is inspire you all to do amazing things and live life to the full also. But to do this I want to prove to you that it can be done and life doesn’t have to have as many restrictions to it as we choose to give it.

So firstly I have 25 ideas to begin with. I would like to get up to 50 therefore I need your help – send me idea’s and suggestions to what made you smile. I shall also be making sure someone does each one with me so if there is something you have always wanted to do this may be your perfect opportunity! (please be aware the cancer is in my bones therefore I cannot do anything which may be dangerous or cause me injury – and no Jumping out of planes!)

The List! (first 25)

  1. Afternoon Tea at Claridges 
  2. Ride on the Orient Express
  3. Walk the Alpacas in North Norfolk
  4. Fly somewhere Business Class
  5. Get a Puppy
  6. Go to an Opera at the Royal Opera House
  7. See Strictly on Tour (happening 11th Feb)
  8. Punting in Cambridge
  9. Visit Cornwall
  10. Have drinks in the Shard in cocktail dress’
  11. Day out at Ladies Day at Ascot
  12. Go Whale Watching
  13. Indoor Skydiving
  14. Hold a 30th Birthday Party (April 2018)
  15. See Cirque Du Soleil 
  16. See Lord of the Dance show
  17. Take a trip to the Maldives with Brad
  18. Ride a Gondola in Venice
  19. Visit friends dad’s Italian flat.
  20. Create a random pop video with friends
  21. Have a horse riding lesson
  22. Visit Barcelona to visit a friend
  23. Go Husky Sledging
  24. Have a weekend in Brighton to visit the Pavilion
  25. Present the Weather on TV


If you believe you can either help me succeed at one of these activities or want to join me please get in touch. You can send me a message on here via the contacts page. Thank you xx


A little about me!

Hi, I am Laura and at 28 I should be out and about enjoying life, having babies, getting married and buying a home. And yet I am sat at home in my PJ’s with my laptop on my lap and a cup of tea to hand writing this new blog I decided to do.
So who am I…. well as mentioned I am 28 years old and I live in Norfolk with Brad, my 7 year long boyfriend, and for the past 3 years I have been travelling on a roller coaster of a journey after getting an aggressive breast cancer diagnoses at the age of only 25 back in February 2014. Since then I have been through the mill… chemotherapy, losing my hair, mastectomy to my left breast, radiotherapy, hormonal treatment, reconstruction operations including choosing to have my good breast taken off too and writing all about it in my original (and ongoing) blog which can be read here. Bald, Boobless and Beautiful.
Unfortunately after only a year off treatment and getting normality back I was re-diagnosed with cancer in October 2016 when I discovered the cancer had spread into my bones on discovering a large tumour in my humerus head or my right shoulder, therefore back to more surgery (shoulder reconstruction) which I had in November and now I am on more chemotherapy with an outlook of constant treatment now ongoing for the rest of my life. I have also realised life is now extremely precious and mine may be shortened quite a lot from my original plan so I have decided ever day counts. I can’t do much whilst I am undergoing chemotherapy (it makes me so ill and tired) but the plan is come April/May time I can begin to enjoy life. So I have come up with the idea to have a Lauras Life is for Living List to occupy my time and give me plenty of things to look forward to and plan.
And hopefully along the way it will encourage and inspire all you you to also life life to the full and do the things you have always wanted to do.
So to follow me on this journey please follow this page, spread with you friends and input where necessary (suggestions of nice things to do) and generally enjoy seeing me live my life any which way I can.
Thanks for reading this
Laura x
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