Activity 2, Getting A Puppy

Before my re-diagnoses myself and Brad had many conversations about getting a dog but thought with us both working and other commitments we would wait for a few years. Then came the news my cancer was back and we both decided there and then that we can’t keep putting things off therefore we would ask our landlords if getting a dog was a possibility and if so we agreed that although a puppy would be hard work it would be nice to get one instead of an older dog. Our landlords were fine with it however we had to also get permission off the building freeholder as we live in a block of flats. This proved quite a tricky task and a lot longer than we hoped therefore the first choice of puppy we saw unfortunately went before we were able to agree to having one. But then the day came where we had permission granted and just by chance that day, whilst having lunch, Brad came across an advert for cocker spaniel puppies in Norwich. There was one ginger and white girl which was the colouring we wanted so we phoned to ask about her but she had already been sold. They still had others but they were black and white ones or a male lemon and white one. But whilst on the phone Brad was told they had 1 other which had not been advertised as they were unsure if they wanted to sell her but said we could come meet her and have a look. She was ruby coloured so would be perfect. We decided to head over to seem then that afternoon. On arrival the little ruby girl was brought to the door to meet us. She was perfect and so pretty but at only 5 weeks old she was so teeny. We stayed a while meeting the other puppies and the mum who had such a beautiful nature. We decided there and then we would have her and named her Tilly.

We had to wait a few weeks before we could take her home but we managed to visit a few times allowing us to get to know her before she moved home with us. Each time she had grown so much and become a confident little girl. Due to me being in hospital for a week in Birmingham we had to wait until she was 9 weeks old to collect her but finally on the 12th February we finally were able to go and bring her home.

Since then she has settled in nicely, grown lots and become a very fun and cheeky little madam. She loves people, cuddles and her squeaky toys. Life is now forever entertaining and she has already helped take my mind off my cancer treatment. It is tough at times when I just want to stay in bed as she needs us to get her up and out but I wouldn’t have it any other way. She brings a smile to my face even if she is being a little shit and you cannot be cross with her gorgeous puppy face for too long. Her endless enthusiasm and lovable nature keeps me going through the hardest of days so for that she will always be my special girl. 



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