Full Activity List!

I had previously put together a list of my first 25 tasks but here is an updated and bigger list of things to do and see with a couple I have already completed which are shown in green.

The List!

  1. ✅Afternoon Tea at Claridges
  2. Ride on the Orient Express
  3. ✅Walk Alpacas
  4. Fly Business Class
  5. ✅Get a Puppy
  6. ✅See Opera – Royal Opera House
  7. ✅Strictly On Tour
  8. ✅Punting in Cambridge
  9. ✅Visit Cornwal
  10. ✅Chelsea Flower Show
  11. ✅Drinks/lunch in the Shard
  12. ✅Ascot Ladies Day
  13. Whale Watching
  14. Take part in an Escape Room
  15. ✅Hold a big 30th Birthday party
  16. ✅See Cirque Du Soloil
  17. See Lord of the Dance show
  18. ✅Visit the Maldives
  19. ✅Ride a Gongola in Venice
  20. ✅Swim with Turtles
  21. Afternoon tea at Sketch
  22. ✅Visit Barcelona
  23. ✅Horse Riding Lesson
  24. Husky Sledging
  25. Visit Brighton Pavilion booked
  26. ✅Present the weather on TV
  27. ✅Feed baby Lambs
  28. ✅Champagne Tasting in France
  29. ✅Ice Skate in central Parc NewYork
  30. ✅Rugby Game at Twickenham
  31. Have a girls weekend in centerparcs
  32. ✅Watch the Monaco Granprix
  33. Stay in an Igloo Hotel
  34. ✅Attend a Silent Disco
  35. ✅Visit Chewton Glen
  36. ✅Go Skiing
  37. ✅Stay on a Sailing Yacht
  38. ✅Ride a car around a race track
  39. Go to New Zealand
  40. ✅Visit Amsterdam
  41. Visit Disneyland Paris – booked
  42. Fly in a Helicopter
  43. Go on a Cruise
  44. Go on a game show
  45. ✅Get Married
  46. Fly in a private jet
  47. Holiday on a narrow boat
  48. ✅Swim with sharks
  49. ✅Visit Rome
  50. ✅See Strictly Come Dancing being filmed
  51. GO Glamping
  52. ✅Move to a house with a Garden
  53. Visit the outer hebrides

please get in touch if you can help me complete anything off this list

Laura x


7 thoughts on “Full Activity List!

  1. Two of the things on your list….Husky sledding and whale watching, you must do in Norway! I went to Tromso a couple of years ago and it was the most wonderful experience!! they do day tours of those things and you can get a bit of northern lights viewing in too if you go at the right time of year 🙂 x

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