Royal Ascot Ladies Day🐎

So yesterday myself, my friend Emily and 3 of her friends helped me tick another thing  off my list, attending ladies day at Royal Ascot. 

The fun began when I arrived at Emily’s Wednesday evening where we had dinner and a glass of wine before I was attempting to fake tan Emily and sort out the hampers for the following morning. 

Waking up to sunshine Thursday morning was fab and we got excitedly ready. Finally after a rushed job at putting fake eyelashes on my non existent ones we got the taxi to the train station. 

We met the other girls in route to ascot and finally made it there by midday. It was the most glamerous train I have ever seen with dresses and hats of all colours filling up the carriage. 

Once in we set up camp on the grass with our picnic rugs and plenty of food and prosecco. We had a few bets on the horses winning a few times with the winnings being spent on more bets but still managing to come away £15 up. 

Such a fun day and lovely spending the time with this gorgeous girlies.

Watch our day out and see what we got up to by following this link – ☆☆Royal Ascot 2017☆☆