Busy Busy!

Sooooooo the next few weeks I may be filling up your news feed a lot more which is all rather exciting….!

More blogs mean more activities getting completed which means I am beginning to live life to the full! Now treatment is stable and no more operations are needed yet I am making the most of the next few months and I shall not feel in a way guilty for enjoying myself 😄😄

So what’s up next… well that may be telling you too much but to let you in to a small secret I have a few abroad Trips going ahead over the next few months (yes I did say a few) and each one ticks off at least 1 or more of my list activities so check out my page here again to see what I may be getting up to.

And I have just booked to see one of the shows on the list too next year in London which is very exciting. Oh how I love getting things in the diary and seeing a plan come together. I still have 2 spaces on my list to fill so ideas are most welcome.

So fasten up your seatbelts, get ready to come on my another adventure with me in a few days.

Follow my storys on Instagram @laurahughes1988 for sneaky peaks!



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