New York, New York

Firstly I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. And what a year it had been for me.

Starting the year off with an arm in a sling, having harsh chemotherapy which meant losing my hair again and more operations for sorting my breast reconstruction out meant the first 6 months were a complete no-go for me to do anything. But fast forward to the summer and since then enjoyed so much from ladies day at royal ascot, to sailing on a yacht around Croatia, and even swimming with sharks in the Maldives. It’s been a fabulous start to getting truely stuck into the items on my list.

And so I end this year with one last tick off the list and that was visiting New York to see the Rockefeller tree and Ice State in central park. And I did both a few weeks ago with 3 friends of mine. And to make it even more magical we had snow the day we skated. It was perfect from start to finish. It felt so festive and exciting it got me in the Christmassy mood extremely well.

As usual I have put together a video of my amazing trip you can see here

New York, New York

Take a look and enjoy the fun we had.

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I have never been a big sports fan when it comes to rugby so the idea of attending a match was not ever something I had thought too much about but if was actually really good fun considering it was my first live game. I had been suggested it by my auntie and uncle about going and when seeing it on my list my friends Dave and Rosie invited us along with them for a day out at Teickenham to see England.

After a long drive we finally got there and found the food stalls so managed to get in a pulled pork bun and chips before heading inside so the boys could fill up on some guiness.

The game itself was great to watch and the atmosphere was brilliant. I couldn’t feel my toes at all by the end of it but I had a really super day out with lovely company.

Big thanks to Dave and Rosie for booking it and inviting us along to complete another of my #lauraslifeisforlivinglist tasks.