The Big Move

Almost a year ago I ticked off the very first task on my list by getting my beautiful Cocker spaniel puppy Tilly but since then I have wanted to move from our flat in the city centre to a more permanent house with a garden for both myself to enjoy and Tilly to play in. Although the flat was perfectly fine size wise, it never felt like mine. And after having been diagnosed with primary breast cancer only 4 months into moving in, along with spending months going through gruelling treatment and staring at the same 4 walls each time I couldn’t move made the flat always feeling like my ‘ill’ house.

But finally at the beginning of this year a move finally happened which has been very exciting. It has been a bit stressful moving all our stuff over but I am now, for the first time ever, I can begin creating a home I can enjoy and hopefully by the summer will have the garden sorted so we can use, enjoy and have plenty of summer BBQs with friends.

A lovely fresh start to 2018.