Chelsea Flower Show

Every year I watch the RHS Chelsea Flower Show thinking I would love to go but every year I look too late and either can’t get tickets or I completely miss it until it’s on TV. And so it was added to my list to be sure I got my arse in gear and went.

I brought tickets many months ago when they were the first price tickets (closer to the event the price increases a lot) after a friend said she was available to come with me. It was great to finally have it booked and to look forward to.

Fast forward to Saturday 26th May and I woke earlier than I had in weeks. Mornings are not my thing so getting out of bed at 5.30am was hard but the excitement of the day kept me going. I left Norwich to pick Rosie up on route and off we went to London. I decided to drive as trains on a bank holiday are always useless so parked at Stratford then continued the rest of the way by tube arriving about 10.30am.

On arrival the sun came out and it turned out to be an extremely hot day. Walking around the grounds, with plenty of time on our hands so we didn’t feel rushed. There was so much to see including many little stalls with beautiful interior decorations, paintings, clothing and jewellery. So much I could have brought had my purse allowed plus the fact what ever we brought we would have to carry home which limited us somewhat.

We took a picnic and a couple of little bottles of prosecco to enjoy when we needed a sit down which saved us having to buy the expensive food whilst there although we did treat ourselves to some very yummy ice cream towards the end of the day.

The show gardens were fantastic. I can’t believe they are made up just for the show and pulled down again soon after. They look like years of dedication and hard work but alas these gardeners are just artists in their field. All the buds perfectly in bloom, the trees green and the ideas fresh.

There is also a huge tent area featuring almost all types of flowers you can ever imagine in every colourway possible. And again even flowers out of season seem to be sat there looking blooming gorgeous!

Due to it being the last day they have a big sell off of all the flowers at the end of the day meaning we choose to buy a bunch of flowers to take home with us. Even this was hard to carry back as it was huge and for just a £5 I couldn’t go wrong.

We finally left the grounds around 5pm with tired legs, painful feet and extremely exhausted but with smiles on our faces and lots of beautiful photos on our phones.

Definitely worth a visit at least once in a lifetime.

Video of our day here….

Laura x


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