The Opera

Everyone who knows me knows that I love the theatre especially musicals and I took a keen interest in taking part in shows when I was younger. So I surprised myself when I was writing my list as the one thing I have never seen on stage before was the Opera.

So it went on my list. And to be more specific I really wanted to see one at the Royal Opera House to make it even more special.

As I celebrated a big birthday this year I was surprised by my uncle and auntie with tickets to go and see La Boheme at the Royal Opera House with dinner there too. It was such a special treat and such a lovely thing to do.

The setting was incredible. Such a stunning building both inside and out and the theatre itself was beautiful. The food there was very tasty with us having canapes, starter and a main before the show started and pudding with champagne in the interval.

And what a show. It was a bit of a depressing story line and slightly odd being set in winter with fake snow when it was so hot outside however the singer’s voices were so captivating they had me glued from the first word. We had amazing seats with a fabulous view of both the stage and the orchestra which I also loved to watch and amazing to see such huge amounts of talent in one room and a great introduction to the opera. It certainly won’t be the last time I see one.


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