An Unexpected Surprise

On Thursday 6th September I was looking forward to 2 pretty chilled days where I could sort the house and get on with wedding plans. But little did I know at 8am my name (alongside friend and founder of littlelifts charity, Oa) had been nominated for a chance to win a place on the BBC radio 2 vintage bus with Chris Evans for the following day.

I only discovered we had been nominated when the receptionist at the hospital said she had heard my name on the radio but by 2pm I hadn’t heard anything so I guessed we had not been chosen.

Roll on half hour and I received a very exciting phone call. Due to them not originally having our phone numbers they couldn’t offer us the nomination tickets however they finally tracked us down and offered us 2 tickets as there had been a set of tickets auctioned which couldn’t be used so they chose us to come along. We immediately said yes then the panic set in about how we would get there, where would we stay etc etc.

Only 3 hours later a small case had been packed and I met Oa at Norwich station where we began a very exciting 24 hours with a train down to London. We managed to track down a place to stay after kindly being offered a friends place and once there crashed for the night ready for our 6am start in the morning.

Up and dressed in the most vintage looking clothes we could find in our wardrobes at such short notice, we made our way to the BBC radio2 studios for 7.45am.


On arrival we were offered a cuppa then within only a few minutes we were chatting to Jamie Oliver and Jack Black which was a pretty cool start to the day. Then we headed into the studio with Chris Evans where we watched him interview them live on the breakfast show. Actor John Simm joined in the line up and we were treated to 4 songs by Razorlight who were awesome. Not a bad beginning to the day and certainly something I am glad I got up for. We even got to taste some of Jamie Oliver’s Bread which was so yummy.

Then after the show had ended we were all taken onto a vintage bus which was to take us to the Goodwood revival event.

The journey was such fun. So much banter and laughter between everyone. We arrived finally about midday to a huge crowd gathered to see our arrival as Chris Evans drive the bus into the event.

Here we were treated like VIPS. We had a room set up for our lunch which we had access to all day. Our tickets for us in any area of the event, even places the general public couldn’t go and we had champagne alongside our 4 course lunch. Our room was track side so we could see the racing live whilst enjoying some wine in the sunshine.

After lunch, after some people waved some magic wands after finding out all about my Lauraslifeisforlivinglist, myself and Oa were treated to a drive around the racetrack in a vintage Jaguar which was a fabulous experience. Be car was beautiful.

Then afternoon tea awaited us on our return. We managed to have a wonder around too where we got access into the car paddock and saw some amazing cars on show.

I just want to give a huge shout out to all those who came on the bus with us as they helped to make it a day to remember. Everyone was so friendly and fun to be around. The chat flowed, the laughter continued all day and the kindness shared was amazing. You all helped make our experience complete.

We left Goodwood and headed back on the vintage bus to Chris Evans pub, the Mulberry Inn where we continued the fun with a few drinks before making our way to the train station for our journey back London.

It was mad to think just over 24 hours before we were only just finding out about the nomination. We had such fun and see so thankful for the experience.

Thank you to Andrea Jacob for nominating us in the first place!

Chris Evans and all the BBC radio 2 team for organising an amazing day out and inviting us along.

All the staff at Goodwood, especially Louise for making our visit to you one to remember and organising our ride in the car.

The other 18 lovely ladies and gents who so came along for the ride and made it such fun.

To Jamie Oliver, Jack Black, John simm and Razorlight as it was so brilliant meeting you all.

And of course Oa for coming with me and just being bloody awesome. I’m so pleased I got to have this experience with you. Xx

To see the full video of our day click here.

My #lauralifeisforlivinglist can be found here


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