Horse Riding

For one of my 30th birthday treats, my friend Oa’s mum Joc wanted to treat us to my activity of horse riding so on a beautiful, Autumnal day the 3 of us went to Squirrel Wood Equestrian Centre for an afternoon of fun.

We began the afternoon with a yummy picnic on the farm whilst we waited for our 2pm booking. The sun was shining which was so nice and a great way to start the day. Once the picnic was over we made our way over to the farm office and met the owner, Lisa.

After a short introduction we were straight in to getting up and close to the horses. We started with grooming, learning all about the different types of brushes as we helped to make their coats and manes all neat and tidy. Once we had finished this it was time for our ride. I hadn’t been on a horse for over 12 years and so I was quite nervous but it didn’t take long before I felt amazing being back in the saddle.

We took our horses for a walk around the woods and lake which was so beautiful. We had helpers walking with us to ensure we were in safe hands and eased us back into being on a horse slowly. I certainly want to go back to have a proper lesson to learn how to control the horse again properly so I do not need to be lead.

Once back from here we got off our horses and got them ready to go back out into the field for the night. We got to walk them back to their fields, sorted out their food and finished a few jobs before our day was over.

It was so lovely being up close to the horses again and a real treat so a huge thanks to Joc for organising it for us. It certainly won’t be the last time I do it. x


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