Silent Disco

Last night I had a ‘Whale’ of a time with 2 of my sister’s, Martha and Grace, dancing under the giant blue whale in the Natural History Museum for my first ever silent disco experience. My sister Martha gave me a ticket for my christmas present so I have been excited for it for a while.

We began the evening with dinner and drinks at Martha’s flat before leaving hers at 9.45pm (not far off my usual bedtime) and tubes across London to the venue. On arrival we received a pair of head phones and got stuck into the fun of the evening.

It was a weird but enjoyable experience. Seeing everyone dancing to different tunes with a huge variety of music genres was awesome and it was even better when taking the headphones to watch everyone in their own little bubble, singing their hearts out and sounding, in a way I can only describe as pretty terrible.

I really got into it and managed to make it till the very end, getting back to the flat after 2am. I was wiped out the next day but the sun was worth it and I’m sure it won’t be the last silent disco I attend.

And another tick off my list!!