Monaco Grand Prix

Wedding blues were starting to set in as we flew home from our amazing honeymoon and life was about to turn back to normality. But on route home, we received a message from my uncle and auntie asking if we were back yet so we decided to give them a call to say hi. Completely unexpectedly we were asked if we were free the following weekend as they wanted to take us over to Monaco to watch the Grandprix. We didn’t need to think twice about it and there it was, we had just said yes and were suddenly not feeling sad anymore. Brad LOVES formula 1 and so he was ecstatic for the rest of the drive home.

So little over a week later we were back at Heathrow airport on route to Monaco. I actually know Monaco pretty well as we have been many times before. My uncle has an apartment and business there and I also worked as a stewardess on a super yacht based there when I was 22. But I have never been to see the grandprix and it has always been Brad’s dream to go.

The Saturday night we joined my uncle and his work colleagues for a lovely 4 course dinner at the Cafe De Paris in the casino square allowing us to meet some of the people he works with. It was a lovely evening and a great start to the weekend.

Sunday morning was grandprix day. We headed out to my uncle’s office for midday. We watched the race from the office balcony which was amazing. I knew where it was however I had never been inside so when we were informed they were putting on lunch, I had not expected there to be space to seat 120 people on the balcony, enjoying a 4 course lunch with cocktails and champagne flowing throughout the day. But the balcony was huge. It all looked incredible, the food was beautiful and the view was spectacular. We overlooked corner 1 and had an amazing view of all the yachts in the port, allowing to us soak up the atmosphere from above. It certainly was a fantastic way to experience he grand prix and we spent the day chatting to lots of very interesting people. The race itself was fun to see. You don’t realise how loud those cars are until you are there but they certainly make some noise.

Later on in the evening, after the race had finished and the lunch party died down we choose to join some of the others at a street party at a bar called Slammers. This was fun, again having a brilliant atmosphere but it had been a long day of drinking and so by 9.30pm we started to make our way back to the apartment as we were ready to hit the sack.

Sending a huge thank you to my uncle Joff for this amazing treat and allowing me to tick off another amazing experience from my list.

To read about my wedding day head to this link – the new mr and Mrs Middleton-Hughes

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